Burkas in the workplace: to wear or not to wear?

Burkas. They create media frenzy and polarise opinion, particularly when Boris Johnson is involved. There’s so much discussion around wearing Burkas and headscarves in the workplace, it’s very easy for employers to feel confused and start to doubt whether their own policies and procedures are fit for purpose.

What is a Burka?
The Burka is a full-length body veil worn by Muslim women as a sign of commitment to their religion. Those who wear [...]

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Observing Ramadan in the workplace

We are currently in the midst of Ramadan, which for many Muslims is a period of religious observance.

Ramadan is the annual four-week period during which Muslims fast from dawn until dusk, pray, and give to charity. Fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, which inform how Muslims live their lives. Muslims believe fasting gives them a better understanding of the needs of the poor and those without food, and brings them closer [...]

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Hen parties, stag do’s and weddings – advice for employers on celebrations that get out of control

As excitement builds for a right royal celebration on 19th May, it’s not just Meghan and Harry who are making plans for their big day. Couples up and down the country are planning hen and stag parties and other celebratory events leading up to their own wedding day.

Whilst we’re looking forward to the wedding party as much as the next person, as employment law gurus, we can’t help but consider the knock-on effects that [...]

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Is it right to express political views in the workplace?

This week’s local elections got us talking in the EML office about whether employees have a right to share their own political views at work. Have you ever been in a situation where someone got a little over enthusiastic in expressing his or her political allegiance? Perhaps you’ve witnessed disagreements or confrontation arising from this type of discussion.

The subject prompted us to answer a couple of key questions:

Would you reveal your own political [...]

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How to reduce working mothers’ guilt in your workplace

Over recent months, we’ve witnessed a powerful celebration of female strength from working mothers and throughout the working world. In addition to the high profile #MeToo media campaign and issues raised by the gender pay gap, we’ve marked International Women’s day, which was closely followed by Mother’s day. Support for female empowerment has never been so strong, particularly for women in the workplace.

Whilst there are several articles and blog posts published in support of [...]

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A simple and straightforward guide to the GDPR

If you’re anything like us, the four letters GDPR quite possibly fill you with dread, confusion and fear all at the same time. It’s easy to panic when you hear about potential €20m fines for non-compliance and data breaches.

Fed up with finding sketchy, piecemeal advice on this new UK legislation, we decided to interpret the legal speak and produce the straightforward guide to the GDPR that every business owner and HR professional is crying [...]

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Detailed Documents Drafted to Suit All Specifications

Here at Employee Management Limited, we draft detailed, comprehensive employment documents which have been designed with the intention to provide maximum flexibility when it comes to running your business. In the unlikely event that an employment relationship fails to work out, these forms will notify you of any key elements of protection so you can safeguard yourself and your company from potential risk in case of emergency. In addition to this, we also ensure [...]

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Sacking staff: how difficult is it, really?

If there’s one opinion that firmly divides providers of employment law advice, it’s whether sacking staff is too difficult. The debate was ignited again recently by Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps, who controversially suggested that managers could often only dismiss under-performing employees with resort to “disingenuous” reasons. Employee Management Ltd (http://www.employeemanagement.co.uk) considers where the truth may lie.

Shapps has championed the granting of greater power to businesses “to say ‘thank you very much, it has [...]

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Employers reminded of dangers of following a warning with a dismissal

Many organisations will issue a formal warning to their employee regarding their conduct, en route to dismissing them. Here, Employee Management Ltd (http://www.employeemanagement.co.uk) gives some much-needed disciplinary advice on this practice, reminding businesses that there is a risk associated with depending on a prior warning in justifying the dismissal of an employee.

As a general rule, the decision of an employer to issue a final written warning subsequently used as the basis for dismissal is [...]

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Research suggests lack of awareness of pension auto-enrolment

A recent poll by Scottish Widows has found that barely half of British employees are aware of the recent implementation of pension auto-enrolment. The news highlights the need for improved communication and education from the Government, pensions industry and the clients of HR services like those offered by Employee Management Ltd (http://www.employeemanagement.co.uk).

The scheme involves staff members who are not already part of a pension plan being automatically included in their employers’ workplace scheme. The [...]

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