Employment Law Archive – Flowcharts, Factsheets, Infographics & White Papers

Employee Management Ltd‘s human resource consultants have produced a portfolio of factsheets, flowcharts and infographics on all manner of HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety topics. To download free copies of any of these useful guides, just complete the form below and you will be redirected to the download page. The publications currently available for free download are as follows:


  • EML Factsheet – Collective Consultation Requirements
  • EML Factsheet – Conducting a Reasonable Disciplinary Investigation
  • EML Factsheet – E-Cigarettes
  • EML Infographic – Discipline Road Map
  • EML Factsheet – Employment Rights of Apprentices
  • EML Factsheet – Fit for Work Service
  • EML Infographic – Gender Pay Gap Reporting
  • EML Infographic – Grievance Steps
  • EML Factsheet – LinkedIn Contacts
  • EML White Paper – Holiday Pay (July 2015) 
  • EML Infographic – Long Term Ill-Health
  • EML Infographic – Managing Performance
  • EML Factsheet – Maternity Rights
  • EML Factsheet – Mediation
  • EML Factsheet – National Living Wage
  • EML Factsheet – Pension Auto Enrolment
  • EML Infographic – Persistent Short Term Absence
  • EML Flowchart – Poor Performance
  • EML Factsheet – Pre-termination Negotiations & Settlement Agreements
  • EML Flowchart – Redundancy (less than 20)
  • EML Factsheet – Redundancy & Maternity
  • EML Factsheet – Shared Parental Leave
  • EML Infographic – Social Media
  • EML Factsheet – Statutory Payment Rates 2015/16
  • EML Factsheet – Statutory Payment Rates 2016/17
  • EML Factsheet – Statutory Payment Rates 2017/18
  • EML Factsheet – Trade Union Recognition
  • EML Factsheet – Tribunal Compensation Limits 2015/16
  • EML Factsheet – Tribunal Compensation Limits 2016/17
  • EML Factsheet – Tribunal Compensation Limits 2017/18
  • EML Factsheet – Tribunal Compensation Limits 2018/19 **NEW**
  • EML Infographic – TUPE
  • EML Factsheet – Working in High Temperatures
  • EML Factsheet – Zero Hours Contracts



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