HR basics: September 2012

Employment law is a complex area full of pitfalls and can be expensive. Getting it right however, starts with the basics, so here is Employee Management Ltd’s quick guide to HR basics for September 2012.
National Minimum Wage

16 – 17                                          £3.68 p/h

18 – 21                                           £4.98 p/h

22 +                                               £6.08 p/h

Apprentice Rate                       £2.60 p/h

London Living Wage Rate     £8.30 p/h


Statutory Payments

Statutory Maternity Pay         £135.45 or 90% of earnings if [...]

Validity of retirement notices called into question

In Bailey v R&R Plant Hire (Peterborough) Ltd the Court of Appeal has held that a statutory retirement notice informing an employee of their right to request not to retire must specifically cite paragraph 5 of Schedule 6 of the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006.

The 2006 Regulations enabled an employer to retire employees at the age of 65 providing that they followed the prescribed procedure. They had to notify the employee in writing of [...]

Is giving evidence at tribunals an obligation?

Sometimes, yes.

Where employment tribunals involve the former employer or colleague of an individual, it may be that one (or sometimes both) of the parties will want that individual to give evidence on their behalf. If this isn’t something the individual wishes to do, he/she isn’t under any obligation unless ordered to do so by the tribunal. Such orders rarely arise in the absence of a prior application from one (or occasionally both) of the [...]

How to avoid employment tribunals?

Recent years have seen a significant change in the long-established relationship between employee and employer. It was once a given, for example, that a person’s employer was practically the highest power of all, with employees being subject to their rule, as if subjects to a king. However, this is not an accurate portrayal of the 21st century employer-employee relationship, as HR specialists Employee Management Limited  explain.


Different workplaces will have different internal policies as to [...]

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Are you compliant with the Data Protection Act?

The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) requires companies and individuals to keep personal data to themselves. The eight defining data protection principles (including ‘personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully’ and ‘personal data must not be held on record for longer than necessary’) ensure compliance with the DPA. HR consultants Employee Management Limited ( looks at three high profile cases surrounding DPA issues, and asks if you, whether an individual or part of [...]

How to ensure the reasonableness of a disciplinary investigation

Although the rules on what constitutes a reasonable disciplinary investigation in an employment context are not set out in any related legislation, it is still vital that employers know what Employment Tribunals look for when assessing fairness.

In the absence of any contractual requirements and/or collective agreements that determine the steps to be taken during such an investigation, there are no hard and fast rules on how they should be conducted. The key issue is [...]

Two-step approach to workplace dispute resolution by EML

Workplace disputes range from issues surrounding performance through to claims of sexual harassment. Without sensitive and effective handling, disputes in the workplace can be damaging for a company and disruptive to its employees. The aim must be to minimise conflict and resolve the problem swiftly and to the mutual satisfaction of all parties. Employee Management Limited ( takes a two-step approach to dispute resolution: investigation and conciliation/resolution.

Working as independent human resource consultants, Employee Management [...]

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Health-related questions and the interview process

Interviewing is an important part of the job lifecycle. Often, it is the first official exposure a potential employee has to a prospective employer. It doesn’t matter whether the people you hire are in high demand or high volume, it is important to get it right.

An employer looks to hire the best people available to them in just the same way as prospective employees look for the best possible job opportunities. Even in the [...]

Effective dispute resolution services for complex disciplinary & grievance situations

The modern workplace can be a breeding ground for conflict situations. Some of these progress into disciplinary and grievance proceedings. When the issues at play are sensitive and emotions are running high, handling these processes in the wrong way can inflame matters further and that can result in a proportionate increase in the employer’s exposure to associated employment tribunals.

Employee Management Ltd (EML) is a long-established provider of independent third party dispute resolution services which [...]

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How to shine when giving evidence at employment tribunals

Does the prospect of giving evidence at tribunal make you shudder? Are you scared you’ll say the wrong thing, or that you’ll cave in when cross-examined? If so, then congratulations, you’re a human being! Being a witness is an unenviable task, but it can be made easier by observing the following steps.

Keep cool: Giving evidence is usually a nerve-racking experience and most people dread being cross-examined, but if you can keep a lid on [...]

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