Senior Executive Support

Whilst we don’t routinely advise employees directly, we understand that Senior Executives who are negotiating their exit from a business need a particular kind of support.

In order to secure an acceptable outcome, you will need easy access to a commercially minded employment law expert with the expertise and practical experience necessary to advise on the strength of your position, and your best negotiating strategy. Our experience on both sides of the employer-employee relationship means that we have this in abundance.

Of course, you will be wary about the cost of enlisting such support. Our charges will significantly undercut those of any reputable law firm and we will gladly work with you on a pre-agreed fixed-price basis in order to alleviate the time and cost pressures that can detract from the reassurance of having the right person in your corner.

When your livelihood and professional reputation are at stake, can you really afford to go it alone? Contact us now for an initial consultation on a free-of-charge, no-obligation basis by completing the enquiry form below.