The modern workplace can be a breeding ground for conflict situations. Some of these progress into disciplinary and grievance proceedings. When the issues at play are sensitive and emotions are running high, handling these processes in the wrong way can inflame matters further and that can result in a proportionate increase in the employer’s exposure to associated employment tribunals.

Employee Management Ltd (EML) is a long-established provider of independent third party dispute resolution services which are aimed at minimising such risks whilst at the same time according with the employer’s wider commercial objectives.

From undertaking workplace investigations and providing comprehensive investigation reports, to planning and assisting with hearings and handling appeals, our highly skilled human resource consultants take account of an organisation’s culture, working practices and management style whilst remaining wise to current employment law requirements and applicable contractual factors. Their experience and expertise means they are able to make effective interventions and swiftly diffuse pressure cooker situations thereby freeing up employers to refocus on the priority of running their businesses.

EML has carried out such assignments for major blue chip organisations operating in the public, retail, leisure and entertainment sectors. So, if you are an employer and have a particular situation that you feel may benefit from a the involvement of third party with a proven track record of effective conflict resolution, our HR specialists are on-hand to speak to you so please make contact without delay.