When does giving notice not amount to a resignation from employment?

On first glance when an employer receives “notice” from an employee the immediate assumption is likely to be that the communication amounts to a resignation. It seems logical doesn’t it? It may however surprise a number of employers to learn that it is not always in fact the case as has been explored in the recent case of East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust v Levy (UKEAT/0232/17/LA).

In this case the Claimant was [...]

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Getting to know our customers

At EML, one of our key values is to get to know our customers really well. We believe it’s vital to understand the inner workings of our clients’ businesses and appreciate what makes their people tick. This enables us to provide 100% tailored HR, employment law, and health and safety support to our clients.

In celebration of ‘Get to know your customers day’, which takes place on the third Thursday of every quarter (in January, [...]

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The unspoken rules of business etiquette

When it comes to business etiquette, interviews are all about creating a great first impression. Google ‘interview etiquette’ and you’ll find plenty of guidance on how to conduct yourself in an interview situation. There’s advice on how to dress, the appropriate way to greet your interviewers, rules on making eye contact and when and how to sit in your chair. Understanding these rules of non-verbal communication enables the interviewee to perform well.

Once in the [...]

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Dress code and the scope for discrimination

When it comes to dress codes and what to wear, your natural instinct may be to look to the catwalk or style icons. However, if you are an employer and you have, or are considering drafting, a workplace dress code, you need look no further than the Government Equalities Office’s recent guidance: Dress codes and sex discrimination- what you need to know (May 2018).

A workplace dress code can be a key factor in achieving [...]

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How to choose the best employee benefits package for your business

Employee benefits are a fantastic way of rewarding your employees for their contribution to your business. They’re also an attractive proposition for new recruits because offering them demonstrates that you care about your people.

Providing a flexible benefits package has a number of proven advantages, including:

A more engaged and motivated workforce
Increased morale
Improved employee retention
Reduced absence levels

What do we mean by employee benefits?
When we talk about employee benefits, [...]

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Essential training for young people entering the workplace

Leaving school to join the world of work is a big step. When you’ve never had a nine to five job before, working long days in a new environment can be a shock to the system. From getting yourself up and in to work on time, to dealing with the expectations and demands of your new workplace culture, there’s a lot to learn.

Government policy around apprenticeships encourages more people into work at a younger [...]

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Fundraising physical challenges in the workplace

Employees fundraising by undertaking physical challenges has become increasingly prevalent in recent years and a client of ours recently asked us…

‘…from a company risk perspective is there anything we need to be doing, e.g. if someone gets ill / has an accident etc.’.
We thought we would share our answer as it’s equally applicable to all employers.


If the event is being organised by the Company, there are a number of factors to consider. [...]

When HR and charitable fundraising collide!

Our Director and Head of HR, Chris Nagel, has signed up to the challenge of completing the 12 mile Tough Mudder obstacle course at Cholmondeley Castle on Sunday, 10 September 2017.

Although the wisdom of this is questionable, given the fact that he’s no spring chicken anymore, it’s all for a good cause in raising funds for Cancer Research following the untimely death of both parents of a close friend earlier this year.

It would be [...]

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Issues with our telephone system…resolved!

We are pleased to announce that the issues we have been experiencing with our telephone system over the last 24 hours have now been resolved by Vodafone and that normal service has resumed.

Thank you for your cooperation during this period and apologies for any disruption.


The team at EML

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Issues with our telephone system…

We are currently experiencing issues with our telephone system due to a nationwide problem with Vodafone’s One Net Business service. If you encounter any difficulties when contacting us on our main office number, direct dials or individual mobiles, please email us instead until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation and apologies for any inconvenience.

The team at EML.

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