Employer faced with a TUPE transfer? We’re here for you!

With ever increasing case law adding to an already complex area, more than ever organisations are looking to HR consultants providing bespoke employment law services to support them in respect of mergers, acquisitions and the headache-inducing employment issues that flow from The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE).

Complicated to understand and problematic to apply, interpretation of the TUPE provisions can be challenging to even the most experienced HR Specialists, not only [...]

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Running the redundancy gauntlet

There can’t be many people who haven’t experienced the stress of a redundancy situation.

Any organisational change can unsettle a workforce, but redundancy in particular can decimate morale and motivation, and in turn hamper productivity.

What is sometimes overlooked is that being charged with the task of presiding over such a process can sometimes be as harrowing as being on the receiving end.  

However, effective handling of such situations can often help an organisation come through the [...]

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Need to cut back on your recruitment costs?

For many employers, recruitment represents one of the biggest areas of HR expenditure and when times are hard or when business look to streamline operations it’s often the first activity to be restricted.

In a recent survey on recruitment cost management, over half the employers surveyed said they had ether reduced or tried to reduce the cost of their recruitment activities in the past twelve months.

A freeze on recruitment or putting the use of recruitment [...]

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Do your docs still include retirement clauses?

You’ve probably heard that the Default Retirement Age (DRA) has been abolished and that save for limited situations to which the transitional provisions apply, employers are no longer able dismiss employees who have reached that age of 65 via the statutory retirement procedure.

Clauses providing for termination of employment at 65 by reason of retirement are commonplace in employment documentation and although not unlawful, dismissals in accordance with them now need to be objectively justified. [...]

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