Essential training for young people entering the workplace

Leaving school to join the world of work is a big step. When you’ve never had a nine to five job before, working long days in a new environment can be a shock to the system. From getting yourself up and in to work on time, to dealing with the expectations and demands of your new workplace culture, there’s a lot to learn.

Government policy around apprenticeships encourages more people into work at a younger [...]

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Calculation of holiday pay for workers with irregular hours

Calculating holiday pay for workers who do irregular hours can be daunting enough, but recent reporting by some publications of the recent Employment Appeal Tribunal  decision in the case of Brazel v The Harpur Trust (UKEAT/0102/17) has left many scratching their heads as to the practical implications. In an attempt to make things a little clearer, here is a potted summary of the case and its practical implications.

The claimant in this case was a [...]

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Latest Acas stats show significant increase in Early Conciliation cases

Acas have now released their Conciliation Update for the period of April to December 2017 and the results are somewhat unsurprising given the statistics released by the Ministry of Justice’s for the period from October to December 2017. The MOJ report showed a huge increase of 90% in Employment Tribunal claims (not including those where the claim is made by two or more Claimants) compared to the same quarter in 2016. This upsurge in [...]

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Fundraising physical challenges in the workplace

Employees fundraising by undertaking physical challenges has become increasingly prevalent in recent years and a client of ours recently asked us…

‘…from a company risk perspective is there anything we need to be doing, e.g. if someone gets ill / has an accident etc.’.
We thought we would share our answer as it’s equally applicable to all employers.


If the event is being organised by the Company, there are a number of factors to consider. [...]

When disciplinary processes go wrong, Part 7 – Adjournments

It’s time for the final instalment in our seven-part blog series about the disciplinary process. In our last post we take a look at the different types of adjournment, and when and how they should be used.

There’s nothing we hate more than being the bearers of bad news, especially when it comes to telling employers who’ve dismissed blatantly guilty employees that they’re exposed to potentially valid unfair dismissal claims. However, we often are and [...]

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When disciplinary processes go wrong, Part 6 – Mitigating factors

There’s nothing we hate more than being the bearers of bad news, especially when it comes to telling employers who’ve dismissed blatantly guilty employees that they’re exposed to potentially valid unfair dismissal claims. However, we often are and so it makes sense for us to set out the main reasons why in the hope that we don’t have to hold the receiver away from our ears for fear of deafness as much in future. [...]

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What does the recent ECJ ruling on ‘stand-by’ time mean for UK businesses?

If a worker’s obligation to remain physically present at a place determined by their employer limits that worker’s opportunities to devote him or herself to personal and social interests, that time should be regarded as ‘working time’ for the purposes of the Working Time Directive.

This is a recent ruling from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in a case brought by a Belgian fire fighter and has implications for UK employers who operate on-call [...]

MoJ stats indicate staggering increase in employment tribunal claims

Following the Supreme Court’s decision back in July 2017, which concluded that the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees Order 2013 was unlawful and that the fees set out therein should no longer be charged, the Employment Tribunal has seen a significant rise in the number of claims submitted. The Ministry of Justice have now released statistics for the period from October to December 2017 which show a staggering increase of 90% in [...]

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Restaurant chains named and shamed for failing to pay minimum wage

Are you paying your staff in line with the National Minimum Wage? Are you sure? Some 43 employers from the hospitality sector have appeared on the government’s latest list of companies, for having failed to pay their staff the National Minimum Wage. Among those on the list are Wagamama and TGI Fridays, both of whom fell foul of the legislation as a direct result of their uniform policy.

It stands to reason that if you [...]

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A simple and straightforward guide to the GDPR

If you’re anything like us, the four letters GDPR quite possibly fill you with dread, confusion and fear all at the same time. It’s easy to panic when you hear about potential €20m fines for non-compliance and data breaches.

Fed up with finding sketchy, piecemeal advice on this new UK legislation, we decided to interpret the legal speak and produce the straightforward guide to the GDPR that every business owner and HR professional is crying [...]

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