Letters from Santa – Fun, festive guidance for HR managers

Christmas can be a worrying time of year for HR managers. Teams working extended hours, overtime and stressful working conditions can quickly lead to unrest amongst your team. Add to that last minute holiday requests, time off for school concerts and dealing with the aftermath of the staff Christmas party, and you’d be forgiven for hiding under your desk instead of getting into the festive spirit.

For our final blog of the year, we’re sharing [...]

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All change in the EML team

There have been a number of exciting team developments at EML over recent weeks. We’ve strengthened our service offering by welcoming two new consultants, and also said (a partial) goodbye to one of our longest serving employees.
Garry Humphreys

Garry Humphreys CIPD joined the team in June as HR Consultant. A specialist in employee relations cases, Garry has extensive experience in HR, employment law, training and recruitment across a range of sectors, including retail, sales, [...]

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In conversation with Chris Nagel

To celebrate International Men’s day, we sat down for a chat with one of our directors and leaders. Chris Nagel joined EML as a Graduate Trainee back in 2001 and is now our Director and Head of HR. He gave us his thoughts on men working in HR, male role models and the EML way of doing things.
What is your role at EML?
As a Director, I’m in continual dialogue with our Managing [...]

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Government petitioned to introduce workplace Mental Health First Aiders

It will be common knowledge to employers that they have a duty to provide the appropriate equipment, facilities and suitably trained personnel, to ensure that all employees receive immediate attention if they are injured, or if they fall ill whilst at work, in the form of accredited first aiders. Whilst this is a long-accepted workplace norm as far as physical health is concerned, it does not cover mental health issues. This seems strange when [...]

When does giving notice not amount to a resignation from employment?

On first glance when an employer receives “notice” from an employee the immediate assumption is likely to be that the communication amounts to a resignation. It seems logical doesn’t it? It may however surprise a number of employers to learn that it is not always in fact the case as has been explored in the recent case of East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust v Levy (UKEAT/0232/17/LA).

In this case the Claimant was [...]

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Burkas in the workplace: to wear or not to wear?

Burkas. They create media frenzy and polarise opinion, particularly when Boris Johnson is involved. There’s so much discussion around wearing Burkas and headscarves in the workplace, it’s very easy for employers to feel confused and start to doubt whether their own policies and procedures are fit for purpose.

What is a Burka?
The Burka is a full-length body veil worn by Muslim women as a sign of commitment to their religion. Those who wear [...]

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Getting to know our customers

At EML, one of our key values is to get to know our customers really well. We believe it’s vital to understand the inner workings of our clients’ businesses and appreciate what makes their people tick. This enables us to provide 100% tailored HR, employment law, and health and safety support to our clients.

In celebration of ‘Get to know your customers day’, which takes place on the third Thursday of every quarter (in January, [...]

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Employment Tribunals – a unique learning opportunity

The background
Since the abolition of Employment Tribunal fees in 2017, the Ministry of Justice has reported a staggering increase in claims of 90%. UK employers are more likely than ever to face an Employment Tribunal, with colleagues at all levels facing the possibility of being called to give evidence.

What is an Employment Tribunal?
Employment Tribunals are legal cases where disputes have occurred between employers and employees. They usually arise where individuals believe [...]

Is shared parental leave flexible or a failure?

On Father’s Day we show our appreciation of fathers past, present and future. A father’s role in the nuclear family is equally as important as the mother, however the take up of shared parental leave in the UK is at an all time low. The Department for Business believes only 2% of couples welcoming a new child share the responsibility of caring for the child during the first year of its life.

Current rules [...]

Litigation specialist bolsters EML team

We’re delighted to announce the recent appointment of Cheryl Moolenschot to the Employee Management Ltd (EML) team. Cheryl is an experienced Litigation Consultant with over 11 years’ practice providing legal and tribunal representation to businesses.

Cheryl’s specialisms include discrimination claims (in particular disability discrimination claims), Judicial Mediation, and claims relating to TUPE transfers. She will be representing clients across a range of sectors, combining her extensive knowledge of employment law with the honest, down-to-earth advice [...]

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