International Resource

  • Experienced in the production of global employment documentation
  • Expert assistance with restructure and redundancy exercises
  • Accurate and user-friendly guidance on the requirements of UK employment law
  • Effective third-party intervention in conflict situations
  • HR & H&S support for UK start-up operations

For organisations based overseas, EML provide assistance in relation to all HR and/or health and safety matters. We can act as your UK resource to assist with a wide variety of assignments including but not restricted to:

  • Initial green field start-ups
  • Origination of all types of contracts of employment and supporting handbooks, employment policies and procedures
  • Induction training
  • HR support and administration
  • Internal realignment, restructuring and redundancy exercises
  • Interpretation of U.K. employment legislation
  • Performance Management
  • Attendance at disciplinary and/or grievance meetings
  • Individual or collective dispute resolution and mediation
  • Trade Union Recognition/De-recognition
  • Low and High Value Terminations
  • Employment Tribunal Representation
  • Accident Investigations
  • Risk Assessment Review
  • Origination of Safety Policies and Procedures


Case Studies

Advising a global client on how to deal with a performance issue in UK employment law context

Our client – a global organisation specialising in the strategic development, management and analysis of programs that support Clinical Development.

Its US based Financial Director was dissatisfied with the performance of his UK based Financial Controller. Up until a few months previous, she had been performing satisfactorily but had suddenly become unclear and evasive in her responses to requests for feedback on key aspects of the business’ financial performance. This coincided with her experiencing a number of recent challenges in her personal life and culminated in her being signed off sick with work-related stress.  Read More

We were appointed to advise on the HR implications of the situation within a UK employment law context. We presented five options open to the organisation in dealing with the matter, but recommended severance via a compromise agreement on the basis that effective performance of her role was critical to the financial stability of its UK based operation and vital for audit purposes.

Our client accepted this recommendation and we provided guidance in respect of the ensuing ‘Without Prejudice’ negotiations as well as producing the compromise agreement that rubber stamped what turned out to be a mutually agreeable parting of ways.

Assisting a global client in establishing an operation in the UK

Our client – a global organisation that needed support in establishing a £12m UK operation in Manchester.

We were assigned to identify and originate appropriate employment documentation as well as train its UK management team in key aspects of UK employment law. Additionally, we assumed the role of facilitator in respect of induction meetings with the new workforce. We took this opportunity to explain to new recruits the various policies and procedures applicable to their employment, and also answered related queries as well as clarifying various compensation and benefits issues.   Read More

We subsequently provided round-the-clock advice to nominated managers in order to minimise any disruption to business continuity that might have been caused by an otherwise remote HR function.

We also led an international project team comprising the organisation’s global Operations and HR functions together with UK based managers and employee representatives in conducting a benchmarking exercise in respect of compensation and benefits. The objective of this exercise was to ensure our client’s competitiveness in terms of recruitment and retention.

Provision of employee documentation for worldwide organisation

Our client – a world leader in the development and operation of large-scale renewable and non-renewable power projects. It owned and/or operated in excess of 40 renewable facilities in the USA, Asia and Europe.

It entered the UK market in 2005, and in four years had increased its staffing ten-fold. As the organisation was involved in tendering for sites throughout the UK, it needed detailed HR policies and procedures for submission during the tendering process.  Read More

Initially, we were tasked with auditing the UK Employee Handbook – which had been drafted internally in the US – for compliance with UK employment law and best practice. Upon review, it was obvious that there were many areas of non-compliance as well as certain policies and procedures that were not relevant to the UK.

As such, we were retained by the client to rewrite all its employment documentation (Contracts of Employment, Employee Handbook and HR Policies and Procedures) with a view to re-imagining the relevant US policies and procedures and ensuring their compliance with UK and European employment law.

Working to very tight deadlines and having to satisfy the needs of senior management within the UK based legal, technical and operational teams as well as the US based HR function, we produced a comprehensive Employee Handbook and approximately thirty HR policies and procedures and a redrafted Contract of Employment.

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