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We recently hosted a half-day seminar to prepare employers for implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May. Delivered in partnership with Smarter Technologies Limited, the areas covered included:


Why you have to comply with the GDPR and what might happen if you don’t.
What can go wrong if you have poor data security and how to avoid it.
The GDPR’s direct effect on your business and what you should consider [...]

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HMRC – not ‘sleeping’ on the job

Social Care employers are set for difficult times ahead as the HMRC set out the plans for the Social Care Compliance Scheme (SCCS) to address breaches of the National Minimum Wage requirements when it comes to the remuneration levels of ‘sleep-in’ shifts.

Typically, care sector workers have been paid a lump sum allowance when scheduled to undertake a ‘sleep-in’ shift that generally fell below the national minimum wage levels. Historically, as the individual was not [...]

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Employment Tribunal Fees to be Abolished

The Supreme Court has today published its landmark decision in the long-running legal battle between the Government and UNISON regarding the legality of Employment Tribunal fees.

The Court has ruled that the current system effectively prevents access to justice, and is unlawful. The Ministry of Justice has said that it will take immediate steps to stop charging.

Fees for bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal were introduced in 2013, with claimants having to [...]

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Full pay awarded during paternity leave

Since the introduction of Shared Parental Leave arrangements, many organisations providing enhanced maternity pay have considered whether similar increased benefits should be provided where fathers/partners access paternity and shared parental leave.

In the case of Ali vs Capita Customer Management, Ali succeeded in his claim for full pay during shared parental leave on the basis that the Company provided (under protected terms from his previous employer) 14 weeks full pay as an enhanced maternity package.

Ali [...]

What’s in store for 2017?

We take a quick look at some of the key changes happening throughout 2017 and a look to what the future has in store…

National Minimum Wage increases

The cycles for the increase in National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage have now been aligned.

The next round of increases for all rates will come on 1st April 2017 as follows:

Over 25’s                           £7.50phr
21 to 24 year olds             £7.05phr
18 to 20 year olds             £5.60phr
16 to 17 year [...]

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Are you status conscious?

Self-employed, worker, employee, the status of individual’s and their respective rights, has often been a cause for confusion and debate, whether considering the appropriate procedures to follow or if companies are liable for income tax and national insurance contributions.

The recent case considered within the London Employment Tribunal put forward by two Uber drivers, argued that due to the levels of control maintained by Uber, drivers are not self-employed but ‘workers’.

The drivers have won this round, [...]

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Warnings all round…

A journalist working for the BBC’s Sri Lankan service has recently been awarded £50,000 following his dismissal.

Mr Bandara had been employed at the BBC for 18 years and in August 2014 was dismissed due to making a number of derogatory comments to some fellow workers and shouting at others.

The dismissal came after he had received a final written warning in July 2013 as a result of his failure to report the birth of Prince [...]

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Shared Parental Leave back in the spot light…

When the Shared Parental Leave provisions were announced, there was much discussion in relation to whether any enhanced maternity pay provisions would cross over to fathers/partners who intended to share the parental leave. In a recent landmark case, Snell, an employee of Network Rail, has been awarded nearly £30,000 on the grounds of sex discrimination.

In this case, the husband and wife team were both employed by Network Rail and so as the mother commenced [...]

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National Minimum Wage on the up…

Following a week where we’ve heard Jeremy Corben pledging to increase the national living wage to £10 per hour by 2020, employers are tightening their belts ready for the annual national minimum wage (NMW) increases.

This year sees an average of 3.6% increase across the NMW rates for employees under the age of 25.

The National Living Wage introduced in April 2016 remains the same at this stage and is set to increase in April 2017, at [...]

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Uber under attack by the GMB

The GMB Union are flying the flag for Uber drivers today, as they bring a case against the cab hire service in the London Tribunal, arguing that drivers can be considered ‘workers’ rather than ‘self-employed’ as Uber maintains.

If the case succeeds Uber Drivers can look forward to receiving employment rights such as:

Ensuring that pay meets current national minimum wage levels
Protection against unlawful deductions from wages
Conditions in line with the Working Time Regulations [...]

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