Whistleblowing – What is ‘in the public interest’?

For a worker to be protected against detrimental treatment or dismissal under whistleblowing legislation, they must have made a protected disclosure. A protected disclosure is one made by a worker who has a reasonable belief that one of the following sets of circumstances exists:


A criminal offence has been committed, is being committed or is likely to be committed. Examples of such are fraud, bribery or corruption.
A person has failed, is failing or is [...]

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Are you ready for auto-enrolment? Regulator’s guide for SMEs

Over the next two years small businesses with between 1 and 50 staff will be required to automatically enrol eligible staff into a qualifying pension scheme, with compulsory company contributions.  Larger businesses may already have reached their staging dates.

The Pensions Regulator has published an online guide specifically designed for SME’s, which sets out the key tasks involved in setting up a qualifying pension scheme, and the likely time required.  The Regulator’s view is that [...]

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EML and North West Finance Awards 2015

After our successful partnership last year, we have once again teamed up with the North West Finance Awards, the celebration of excellence and achievement at all levels in the finance and accounting professions, which are now in their sixth year, and supported by all the leading professional associations – CIMA, AAT, ACCA, NWSCA .

As partners with the Awards, EML will be actively seeking nominations for each of the fifteen categories.  We’ll also be part of the [...]

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Cameron proposes additional paid holidays for staff to undertake voluntary work

If re-elected, the Prime Minister is pledging to give all public sector workers, and anyone working in a company with more than 250 staff, an extra three days’ paid leave each year.

The leave would be provided to allow staff to get involved with volunteering activities and could result in making volunteering available to more than 15 million workers – and introducing 360 million volunteering hours into communities. David Cameron’s promise is designed to widen [...]

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General election build up – Where the parties stand on Employment Tribunal fees

As our readers will doubtless be aware, Employment Tribunal fees were introduced in 2013, the two main aims being:


to ensure that individuals using employment tribunals contribute to the cost of running the system where they can afford to do so;
to encourage individuals to look for alternatives, such as mediation, before pursuing matters via the employment tribunal.


Fees are two-tiered. Type A claims being basic cases relating to unlawful deductions, holiday pay and redundancy payments. [...]

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Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 granted Royal Assent

Royal Assent was granted to the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 on 26 March 2015.

The key employment measures contained in the Act are as follows:


By 25 March 2016 at the latest, the Government is required to make regulations making gender pay gap reporting compulsory for non-public sector organisations with more than 250 employees.

Regulations to be made requiring certain prescribed persons to report annually on any whistleblowing disclosures they are in receipt of.

Regulations [...]

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Bus Driver awarded £84,000

A recent case has highlighted the need to ensure that investigations into allegations of drug use must be thorough to avoid potentially high awards in Tribunal.

The case involved a bus driver, Mr Bailes, previously employed with First Bus. Mr Bailes tested positive in a random drugs test and was dismissed despite presenting evidence (sought at his own expense) during the appeal that he had not had drugs in his system for a period of three [...]

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Holiday pay update – Commission should be included!

Leicester Employment Tribunal has handed down its much anticipated decision in Lock v British Gas Trading.

To recap, the Claimant, a sales consultant, claimed he was owed holiday pay due to the amount he received whilst on annual leave not incorporating an amount reflective of his variable monthly commission payments. Originally, the Tribunal could not reach a decision on whether the relevant EU law the UK must work to required holiday pay to incorporate the [...]

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Our latest Bog Blog – Now wash your hands please

The following blog is probably not suitable for meal times…

Sanitation for vehicles on the move is nothing new, but using the sanitation to make the vehicle move in the first place is surely set to be more than a flash in toilet pan.

We know about discharging poo on the railway track – and there’s a valid health and safety (H&S) reason right there why operators close both tracks when the maintenance crews are working [...]

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Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licences – Are you at risk?

Tonight the BBC’s Inside Out programme claims to have uncovered that ‘large numbers of colleges were willing to help students cheat security exams’ and that ‘thousands of people [are] working in the industry illegally, having obtained accreditation illegally’.

To obtain a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence, the individual should have had around 140 hours of training, however the programme states it will show that in some cases this has been reduced to 3 hours and [...]

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