Unison tribunal fees challenge – Update

Unison have today applied in the Court of Appeal to admit new evidence to support their appeal against the decision to dismiss their judicial review application challenging employment tribunal fees. It has been reported that the Court has decided to stay the existing appeal, and that Unison is going to lodge a fresh application which relies on the most recent statistics. As per our previous article, these show a significant drop in the number of tribunal cases since the introduction of the fees regime.

At [...]

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Face the Future: Breakfast Seminar

Significant changes in the employment law landscape are occurring, though with your eye on the business, you may not have noticed them. However, Employee Management Ltd specialise in this field and it comes as no surprise that we have kept track of these major changes. With more ground breaking developments to come throughout this year and the next, we have decided to host a breakfast seminar to update those who attend with the latest [...]

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Detailed Documents Drafted to Suit All Specifications

Here at Employee Management Limited, we draft detailed, comprehensive employment documents which have been designed with the intention to provide maximum flexibility when it comes to running your business. In the unlikely event that an employment relationship fails to work out, these forms will notify you of any key elements of protection so you can safeguard yourself and your company from potential risk in case of emergency. In addition to this, we also ensure [...]

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Latest tribunal stats revealed

A quick note to let you know that the latest statistics for employment tribunals for April to June 2014 have been released by the Ministry of Justice.

The headline grabbers are a 71% drop in claims compared with the same period last year and single claims dropping by a third since the last quarter (i.e. January to March 2014), although the introduction of compulsory Acas Early Conciliation in May could well be largely responsible [...]

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What will a “Yes” vote for Scottish independence mean for employment law?

With the 18th September approaching with alarming speed, the attention of the debate seems to be focused upon talk of currency, energy and economics. Currently, Scotland practices the same employment law matters as the rest of the UK given that there is no power granted to the nation to affect the legislation that HR practitioners work under. An independent Scotland however, may be able to legislate changes in the system, though domestic law would [...]

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Update – Calculation of Holiday Pay

It was recently reported in the press that certain trade unions are encouraging their members to launch claims against their employers in respect of payments they may be owed as a result of the recent case of Lock v British Gas Trading Ltd.  In that case, the European Court of Justice ruled that commission had to be taken into account when calculating holiday pay, rather than just basic pay.

As most UK employers only pay [...]

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So this is what Anne and Debbie get up to in their spare time


So this is what Anne and Debbie get up to in their spare time!!!!

Not really, we’re just getting ready for an exciting new training programme we are preparing for one of our clients.

You certainly can’t say that our training programmes are dull!!

If you are looking for innovative and dynamic ways to provide training to your teams on HR and Health & Safety topics and want more than just ‘death by powerpoint’, give our Consultants [...]

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Tips of the Trade – Redundancy, pregnancy and maternity leave

One of our clients came on to us for advice on how an employee currently off on maternity leave should be treated in the context of a pending collective redundancy exercise. We advised that, by and large, she should be treated the same as other affected employees. However, there were also certain areas where she should actually receive preferential treatment.

Under Section 18(6) of the Equality Act 2010, the period from the beginning of pregnancy [...]

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Acas Early Conciliation stats published

In May this year, Early Conciliation (EC) via Acas became mandatory for any individuals wanting to submit an Employment Tribunal Claim. The process was launched in the wake of the new fee structure for tribunals and requires individuals and employers to consider agreements, whether financial or otherwise, prior to the formal tribunal process being commenced and any fees being levied against claimants.

Acas has now published statistical information on the regime for the period 6 [...]

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Tips of the Trade – The duty to make reasonable adjustments

One of our clients came on to us for advice recently in relation to an employee suffering from a medical condition that would render him a ‘disabled person’ under the Equality Act 2010 in that he had a physical or mental impairment, and the impairment had a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. We advised of the three requirements that applied in respect of the duty [...]

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