Pragmatic and Practical Advice

Employers/Directors are sometimes expected to be experts in every aspect of management and can sometimes face difficulties when considering complex employee issues or be confronted with a technically challenging health & safety matter. Here at Employee Management Limited, we are always on hand to provide reliable guidance when it comes to resolving any employment law, HR or health and safety issue and constantly look at ways in which we can expand and develop our [...]

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Tips of the Trade – How to conduct a reasonable disciplinary investigation

One of our clients came on to us for advice yesterday in relation to a disciplinary investigation. As the guidance we provided is equally applicable to other employers, we thought we’d share it with our readers. However, before you get to thinking we’re becoming too benevolent, we’d still urge you to seek specific advice (from ourselves, obviously!) on individual situations as context often dictates that more finely tuned support yields the best results.

Yesterday’s query related to the general process that should be [...]

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DMI failure leads to Former BBC IT Head Being Unfairly Dismissed

An employment tribunal recently discovered that the former BBC Technology Chief sacked over the failed £100 million Digital Media Initiative was unfairly dismissed. John Linwood, (pictured above) who was paid an annual salary of £280,000, claimed he was made a “scapegoat” for the botched DMI project, which sought to move the BBC away from using video tape in its day-to-day duties. The tribunal said that it was “astonished” at the BBC’s “cavalier disregard” for [...]

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FREE Employers guide to the use of E-Cigarettes in the workplace

Don’t get caught out by employees using E-Cigarettes openly in the workplace make sure you have clear guidance and direction for your business by accessing our free guide today.

Simply register your details on our enquiries page to access our free guide.

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Reliable Representation from Fully Qualified Specialists

If your business has had a claim made against it in an Employment Tribunal hearing, then our experienced legal advocates can defend it here at Employee Management Ltd. When you appoint us as your legal representatives, we will handle your claim from start to finish and provide support and advice every step of the way. Our services include:

Preparing the response to the claim (which MUST be submitted within 28 days of notification).
Managing the [...]

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Holiday Pay, Overtime & Commission


There have recently been a number of pertinent cases which have sent finance controllers up and down the UK in a spin, over potential increase in costs of holiday pay for those employees who are regularly in receipt of additional elements to their basic pay.

The cases have all involved conditions where individual’s basic pay was enhanced by either commission, overtime or bonuses and as such the judges have concluded that to remove the additional [...]

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Health & Work Service update

The new government funded occupational health service, the Health & Work Service (HWS), will be rolled out from late 2014 with a view to going live in April 2015.

Under the scheme, employees off sick for more than four weeks will be referred to the HWS by their GPs and the HWS will produce reports designed to facilitate their reintegration into the workplace. The assessments on which the reports will be based will be done [...]

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Scaling the Dizzy Heights of Success

Here at Employee Management Limited, we feel that it is important to give something back to the community and work together as a team in order to produce the best results. Constant communication is vital if you are trying to resolve disputes in the workplace, introduce changes to working methods, keep employees informed of updates in legislation etc.

Last weekend, we partook in a thrilling – yet slightly nerve-wracking – charity abseil, which was organised [...]

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Network Rail Faces Largest Ever Equal Pay Claim

Network Rail is facing what could be its largest equal pay claim, involving more than 30 female managers backed by the Transport Salaried Staffs Association. The claim involves an allegation that the female managers are being paid between £3,000 and £4,000 per annum less than male colleagues doing the same job.

The right to equal pay for equal work is now contained in the Equality Act 2010, which implies a “sex equality clause” into all [...]

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Employment Minister Tells Pupils to ‘Be Your Own Boss’

The Conservative MP for Wirral West, Esther McVey (pictured above) has recently stated that self-employment should be given the same respect and social status than the more conventional, university-led route into a permanent, fulfilling career. She claims that middle-class youngsters should firmly believe that setting up their own business is every bit as decent and admirable as going to university and working for a large company once you have completed your degree. According to [...]

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