Newsflash – Union won’t appeal holiday pay decision

An article has just appeared on the Workplace Savings And Benefits website indicating that Unite will not appeal the recent EAT decision in Bear Scotland v Fulton, Amec v Law and Hertel v Wood.

As per our recent blog, the judgment in this co-joined case limited the scope for retrospective claims for holiday underpayments going back as far as 1998 (i.e. when the Working Time Regulations were implemented) or start dates where later by stating that [...]

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Acas publish further stats on Early Conciliation

Early Conciliation (EC) through Acas has been mandatory since May and requires individuals and employers to consider agreements, whether financial or otherwise, prior to the formal tribunal process being commenced and any fees being levied against claimants.

Acas has just published statistics on the first six months of the regime, the main ones being:


There have been 37,000 EC cases.
3% of EC requests came from the employer.
10% of employees choose not to participate in [...]

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Free employment law resources available for download now!

Following on from the recent round of factsheets we produced covering employment law topics such as dates on Shared Parental Leave, Pension Auto Enrolment and E-Cigarettes, we are delighted to announce that our entire back catalogue is currently available for download on the website, so you can easily access any you missed out on previously.

Simply go to our ‘Flowcharts & Factsheets’ page under the ‘Free Downloads’ link on the homepage and fill out the [...]

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View EML’s Podcast on Holiday Pay

The correct calculation of holiday pay has been a hot topic in the courts for quite some time now and reached fever pitch earlier this month when the Employment Appeal Tribunal handed down its decision on a number of key cases.

Having tracked the progress of the issue and posted multiple updates on our blog, we thought it was time that we put something a bit more substantial together. In this regard, we are delighted [...]

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Holiday pay update – EAT rule overtime should be included

EAT rules that non-guaranteed overtime (i.e. overtime which the employer does not have to provide, but which the worker must undertake if requested) should be factored into holiday pay
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Non-compliance with the Early Conciliation process

Where a claimant presents a tribunal claim without first complying with the mandatory Early Conciliation (EC) process, the Tribunal must reject it under Rule 12 of the 2013 Rules of Procedure. However, on application, this rejection can be reconsidered and revoked under Rule 13.

In the case of Thomas v Nationwide Building Society ET/1601342/14, the claimant presented a whistleblowing complaint to which the EC process applied. As such, she was required to contact Acas first [...]

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ASDA faces legal action

1,000 workers for the UK’s second largest retailer and a subsidiary of Walmart, ASDA, are claiming that the retailer is not providing equal pay rights to both men and women, even though their jobs hold the same value. Now facing legal action, the case against the company may test the water on how retailers address the pay of their employees in different parts of their business. If the case is settled in favour of [...]

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Debbie Knowles visits the Houses of Parliament


During her attendance at the Houses of Parliament Debbie heard first hand from the Liberal Democrat and Business secretary Vince Cable as he announced his intent to launch an enquiry into employment rights during his keynote speech at the Liberal Democrat conference last week.

According to Cable, up to one-million employees in the UK are completely unrepresented under the current legislation adopted by the Coalition government, and further accused the Conservatives of an agenda of [...]

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Update – Calculation of Holiday Pay

Following the preliminary ruling in Lock v British Gas Trading Ltd [2014] IRLR 648 ECJ that commission had to be taken into account in calculating remuneration in respect of paid annual leave, the case was referred back to Leicester Employment Tribunal to assess whether the Working Time Regulations could be interpreted in line with the ECJ’s decision. The hearing was due to take place this month, but has now been delayed until 4 February [...]

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Tailored Training Delivered on a Bespoke Basis

If you have been searching for informative, educational training that your managers and business could benefit from, then Employee Management Limited can provide a range of tailored modules on a range of Employment Law, Health and Safety and HR topics, including the following:

Conducting Grievance and Disciplinary Investigations

Unlawful Discrimination
Unfair Dismissal
Performance Management
Absence Management
Equality and Diversity
Essentials of Employment Law – what a line manager needs to know
HR Basics – for those [...]

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