How to reduce working mothers’ guilt in your workplace

Over recent months, we’ve witnessed a powerful celebration of female strength throughout the working world. In addition to the high profile #MeToo media campaign and issues raised by the gender pay gap, we’ve marked International Women’s day, which was closely followed by Mother’s day. Support for female empowerment has never been so strong, particularly for women in the workplace.

Whilst there are several articles and blog posts published in support of working mothers, there is [...]

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What does the recent ECJ ruling on ‘stand-by’ time mean for UK businesses?

If a worker’s obligation to remain physically present at a place determined by their employer limits that worker’s opportunities to devote him or herself to personal and social interests, that time should be regarded as ‘working time’ for the purposes of the Working Time Directive.

This is a recent ruling from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in a case brought by a Belgian fire fighter and has implications for UK employers who operate on-call [...]

A simple and straightforward guide to the GDPR

If you’re anything like us, the four letters GDPR quite possibly fill you with dread, confusion and fear all at the same time. It’s easy to panic when you hear about potential €20m fines for non-compliance and data breaches.

Fed up with finding sketchy, piecemeal advice on this new UK legislation, we decided to interpret the legal speak and produce the straightforward guide to the GDPR that every business owner and HR professional is crying [...]

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