Is shared parental leave flexible or a failure?

On Father’s Day we show our appreciation of fathers past, present and future. A father’s role in the nuclear family is equally as important as the mother, however the take up of shared parental leave in the UK is at an all time low. The Department for Business believes only 2% of couples welcoming a new child share the responsibility of caring for the child during the first year of its life.

Current rules [...]

Litigation specialist bolsters EML team

We’re delighted to announce the recent appointment of Cheryl Moolenschot to the Employee Management Ltd (EML) team. Cheryl is an experienced Litigation Consultant with over 11 years’ practice providing legal and tribunal representation to businesses.

Cheryl’s specialisms include discrimination claims (in particular disability discrimination claims), Judicial Mediation, and claims relating to TUPE transfers. She will be representing clients across a range of sectors, combining her extensive knowledge of employment law with the honest, down-to-earth advice [...]

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The unspoken rules of business etiquette

When it comes to business etiquette, interviews are all about creating a great first impression. Google ‘interview etiquette’ and you’ll find plenty of guidance on how to conduct yourself in an interview situation. There’s advice on how to dress, the appropriate way to greet your interviewers, rules on making eye contact and when and how to sit in your chair. Understanding these rules of non-verbal communication enables the interviewee to perform well.

Once in the [...]

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Observing Ramadan in the workplace

We are currently in the midst of Ramadan, which for many Muslims is a period of religious observance.

Ramadan is the annual four-week period during which Muslims fast from dawn until dusk, pray, and give to charity. Fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, which inform how Muslims live their lives. Muslims believe fasting gives them a better understanding of the needs of the poor and those without food, and brings them closer [...]

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Dress code and the scope for discrimination

When it comes to dress codes and what to wear, your natural instinct may be to look to the catwalk or style icons. However, if you are an employer and you have, or are considering drafting, a workplace dress code, you need look no further than the Government Equalities Office’s recent guidance: Dress codes and sex discrimination- what you need to know (May 2018).

A workplace dress code can be a key factor in achieving [...]

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Hen parties, stag do’s and weddings – advice for employers on celebrations that get out of control

As excitement builds for a right royal celebration on 19th May, it’s not just Meghan and Harry who are making plans for their big day. Couples up and down the country are planning hen and stag parties and other celebratory events leading up to their own wedding day.

Whilst we’re looking forward to the wedding party as much as the next person, as employment law gurus, we can’t help but consider the knock-on effects that [...]

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How to choose the best employee benefits package for your business

Employee benefits are a fantastic way of rewarding your employees for their contribution to your business. They’re also an attractive proposition for new recruits because offering them demonstrates that you care about your people.

Providing a flexible benefits package has a number of proven advantages, including:

A more engaged and motivated workforce
Increased morale
Improved employee retention
Reduced absence levels

What do we mean by employee benefits?
When we talk about employee benefits, [...]

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Is it right to express political views in the workplace?

This week’s local elections got us talking in the EML office about whether employees have a right to share their own political views at work. Have you ever been in a situation where someone got a little over enthusiastic in expressing his or her political allegiance? Perhaps you’ve witnessed disagreements or confrontation arising from this type of discussion.

The subject prompted us to answer a couple of key questions:

Would you reveal your own political [...]

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Essential training for young people entering the workplace

Leaving school to join the world of work is a big step. When you’ve never had a nine to five job before, working long days in a new environment can be a shock to the system. From getting yourself up and in to work on time, to dealing with the expectations and demands of your new workplace culture, there’s a lot to learn.

Government policy around apprenticeships encourages more people into work at a younger [...]

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How to reduce working mothers’ guilt in your workplace

Over recent months, we’ve witnessed a powerful celebration of female strength from working mothers and throughout the working world. In addition to the high profile #MeToo media campaign and issues raised by the gender pay gap, we’ve marked International Women’s day, which was closely followed by Mother’s day. Support for female empowerment has never been so strong, particularly for women in the workplace.

Whilst there are several articles and blog posts published in support of [...]

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