Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • We will manage complex disciplinary / grievance investigations on your behalf
  • Professional and discrete means of resolving  internal conflict situations
  • Perceived independence / impartiality helps to diffuse emotionally charged conflict situations
  • Expert negotiators with extensive Employment Tribunal experience
  • Introduce sharp focus to protracted internal processes

Dealing with a problematic employment situation can sometimes be a sensitive and highly emotional issue which, if handled incorrectly, may further escalate conflict.

EML provide independent third party assistance to help resolve workplace disputes. Our support can help to:

  • speed up the process
  • aid a return to productive work
  • minimise any potential business risk
  • reduce the likelihood of lengthy and costly tribunal claims

From undertaking essential root-cause investigations, through to planning and carrying out or assisting with disciplinary and grievance investigations, hearings and appeals, we add experience, knowledge and support to help resolve the most difficult of situations – leaving clients to get on with their main priority and concern – running their business.

No two situations are identical – each “case” brings to it different perceptions, emotions, internal/external influencing factors and legislative controls. As a result, there is no prescribed “right” way to resolve internal conflict.

We always adopt a structured approach to our assignments and take into consideration the “fairness factor” as sought by employment tribunals. However, it is the parties themselves that have the final decision as to whether or not to accept any recommendations that we make.

Issues such as sexual harassment, bullying, poor performance and disputes between employees can become extremely complex. We provide a simple two step approach which can be commenced at any stage dependent upon the actions already taken by the client.

Step 1 - Investigation

Step 1 – Investigation

Preliminary assessment includes:

  • collating historical and current information available
  • establishing parties involved
  • reviewing associated documentation
  • preparing an investigation plan outlining recommendations for
    further action
  • client discussion

If the issue cannot be resolved at the preliminary stage a more detailed investigation will be conducted which will involve a consultant carrying out an independent, speedy and rigorous fact finding exercise into events including:

  • reviewing all appropriate documentation, reports and correspondence
  • preparing questions for all parties
  • interviewing all involved parties
  • producing witness statements
  • providing management report concentrating on the factual issues surrounding the allegations
  • recommending next suitable course of action
  • undertaking risk assessment of possible outcomes
Step 2 - Conciliation / Resolution

When used as an early intervention to avoid further misunderstandings from arising, mediation can help put working relationships back on an amiable footing and can be the first alternative to more formal procedures.

Where a more formal approach is required, our consultants are highly experienced in managing complex disciplinary and grievance situations as part of the resolution process.

Our consultants are also excellent exit strategists and cost-effective negotiators.